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BG Art by Zempy3

I'm a smol blue deer, bleating around the web. If you see me in different species or sexes, it's because I can shapeshift! But you'll probably see me the most as an anthro or taur deer.


I love to chat on Telegram and to hang out on VRChat!


Wanna take a commission together? I'd love that!
Let me know and don't be shy!


🇮🇹 Italian
🇬🇧/🇺🇸 English

🇪🇺 Europe
🇮🇹 Italy - Tuscany

Endiu their my main sona, shapeshifter taur deer, Lophy he's my second sona, smol Scorbnui & Lopunny hybrid.

Other stuff I don't really use:

Suggest Artists

Keep this page a secret pleaseHere I collect the artist I most commission and that I never had a problem with them. They know my sona really well, they drew Endiu or Lophy a lot and most important, they deserve a lot <3


MediumFast but may varyItalyYes lol

Draws mostlty NSFW kinkt stuff, but he's super good, talented and puts a lot of passion. 100% raccomended!


MediumTakes a bit to start but finishes quicklyItalyYup

If you're looking for stunning backround, awesome feral dragons or taurs, and amazing shading, Nomura she's perfect! She deserve a lot <3


MediumSloooowItalyyup yup

This crazy cat he's a perfectionist! If you love realistic style damn if he's good! Ye he's slow, he knows it and I've told him lot of times, but he wants to make sure your comm will come out perfect. Invest your patience here, cause he's talented and desserves more love


MediumFast-ishItalyA lot!

He's a cool dude, like really he mostly draw fat furs but damn give him a good idea and he will give you a very awesome art! You should really try to get a piece from him once!

Miki Mleam

HighMediumItalyNope! Don't ask!

The otter behind my telegram sticker pack. Lovely chibi style and as well artist of my 3D avatar! He's working on a new style as well so, check him out if you'd love chibi art!

Kazuri (Wild Dog Child)

LowFast-ishItalyNope (at least I don't think so)

Looking for fluffy cool art? There's Kazuri! They're talented, draws cute stuff and if you're looking to make a gift for someone, look no further! Low prices but great quality!